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Mas de Buñol - a vulture feeding station in the Matarranya region of Spain

As the farmers in Europe are now forced to remove any dead cattle from their pastures to avoid the spreading of diseases, the Spanish vultures are in many areas having difficulties finding sufficient food. Several of the large vulture populations of the region have diminished, and some have taken to feeding in rubbish dumps and other disease-prone sites. To prevent the demise of the local vulture populations, several initiatives have been taken to provide the vultures with an extra source of food; one of these is Mas de Buñol in the northeast of Spain.

A concerted day to day effort during more than a decade has resulted in the establishment and success of a privately run feeding station for vultures in the western part of the mountain range of Ports. The owner, José Ramón Moragrega, feeds the birds every morning at a fixed hour, and his loyalty is paying off. Up to 300 Griffon Vultures visit the feeding station every day, usually joined by a few other species such as Egyptian Vulture, Raven, and Black Kite. More rare visitors such as Black Vulture have also been seen at the Mas, and José's hope for the future is to help facilitate the establishment of both Black Vulture and Lammergeier in the area.

You can book visits to Mas de Buñol through Audouin Birding Tours. The price is currently 15 € per person.

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